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04 August 2023

Why Biological Teams Must Work Together

Infinite intelligence is so awesome that it brings different personalities to share the same womb and heritage. I have always wondered how we abuse these divine connections, how we allow rivalry, marriage and parents attempt to destroy these bonds, I think we do not appreciate enough  how it means to be siblings and born in the same family. A wise woman once told me whatever you are looking for is seven people away from you – simply ask your Biological siblings from the same biological team,

It is therefore no surprise that when a family member grows, other family members grow with him too. Likewise when one is sick or down or is suffering, the whole family suffers too. These compassion is mostly felt when siblings are much younger, however families that grow together tend to continue to nurture this bond, albeit deliberately and consciously.

Biological siblings form the biological team, it is therefore no surprise that when a family member grows, other family members grow with him too. Likewise when one is sick or down or is suffering, the whole family suffers too. These compassion is mostly felt when siblings are much younger, however families that grow together tend to continue to nurture this bond, albeit deliberately and consciously.

There is an African proverb that says all the firewood that we need to cook the food is in the bush. All that we need to prosper and become complete versions of ourselves, infinite intelligence first put in us and in our biological team. There is no secret to prosperity more than to be grateful for what we have and to appreciate the resources within us.


How can we consciously nurture our biological teams, at times like this healthy relationship matters and biological teams are a sure resource. Whatever starves the relationship takes away from the essence of their formation in the first place. Biological teams were ordained by infinite intelligence. God put people together in this teams without their consent and for a reason, one of such reason is to support each other especially in times of adversity. Another reason is to inspire each other, to provoke each other to good work.


This importance has been under tremendous attack since the beginning of time and has endured ridicule; it has been taken for granted lately. A good wife coming into a family in marriage duty is not coming to separate the biological team but to bring brethren together, marriage wasn’t designed to abandon family otherwise they twelve sons of Jacob would not have endured till today. When siblings pull together they achieve more and there is more. True love is not an obsession, true love is neither manipulative nor devious, true love allows brethren to grow into the true version of themselves. Anything less is devilish and worldly – that kind of wisdom is not from above.

Realize that before you went out to join other teams in the marketplace, your first team was your family. Your family is your A Team, below I have attempted to illustrate ways we can further grow our biological teams which we are part by default into a winning network of prosperity. Remember as the say your network is your net worth and your contacts can become your contracts. Keep this in mind that every interaction can become a transaction. That’s what biological teams bring to the market place of life.


  1. Communication

Biological families should never allow education, religion, marriage; parents and friends diminish the importance of constant communication. Communication is the matrix that holds the individual part as a whole. Biological families sometimes disagree but with honest communication many issues can be resolved. Is it not surprising that many sibling shy away from communicating with other siblings, neglecting this little acts compound overtime yielding itself to distance and separation. Make that call, do not say it’s not important, and learn to keep in touch.

  • Active Listening

It’s easier to talk than to listen, listening actively is a superpower, listening build rapport, nothing as refreshing as going away after a discussion, with a feeling of being heard. Listening within the biological team gives the feeling of being loved, afterall every man’s emotional need is to be loved, what a better way to feel loved than to know that you are understood by your siblings. You go away feeling heard, understood and loved. Its one of those feelings that money cannot buy, its organic and can only be nurtured constantly by practicing learning and improving. It’s a skill that can be learned over time. This skill when nurtured on time pay massive dividends in other endeavor of life as well. When last did you actively listen to your siblings in concentration and in the present?

  • Family outing and visitation

Family outing was what we did when we were younger and innocent but as time went by, we became adults, and we were carried away far and wide by work and our ambition.  We became enamored by the vagaries of life, life became a grind, perhaps the cares of life and our nuclear family kept us apart, Some relocated to other continents and the family outing faded. Great Biological teams seem to deliberately keep the flames of family bonding by making it like a call of duty to always meet once every year anywhere in the world for a few days to be grateful, celebrate the opportunity of being a biological unit and pray for the best for each other going into the future. If you are not doing it, let today become they day that you dedicate one day in a year to come together regardless of time zone to be together.

  • Collaboration

Siblings that stick together achieve a lot sooner than those that attempt to reinvent the wheel every time. There is more experience amongst siblings as a collective than when individuals wing it out alone; those who engage in such, lose the benefit of perspective and intelligence gathered over the years through the team. Critical experience may be lost outside of collaboration. The saying that no man is an island, rings more loudly in biological family setup than probably in most other team setting. They Jewish community is a key example of what biological families can do for the overall development of individuals, community and a nation.

  • Practice Integrity

Nothing destroys biological family bonds like a lack of integrity. Integrity is doing what you say you will do regardless of any challenge, its staying true to your word; it’s the willingness to choose right and the commitment to follow through on your promise. Integrity is the blueprint on which biological families should operate. Honesty should be the guiding beacon of brotherhood and brotherliness. A brother offended should be won back immediately. Everything should be put on hold till a brother offended be reconciled to the fold. Do businesses together, invest in each other’s career or business.

  • Celebrate wins together and be there for one another in bad times

There is something about being happy for the success of your brother or sister, you view it as collective win, be there for one another. Whether in bad times or good times. In good times celebrate, in bad times go out of your comfort zone to help lift the heavy burden, go to battle as a single indomitable fighting unit for each other. You may disagree but do not be disagreeable, always keep an open mind. The survival and wellbeing of the biological group is the primary reason for its formation, parents were put here to see to it that it fulfills its true potentials. Collaboration among siblings should be taught by parents from infancy, this part of the family team does not require money, it requires teaching and the dedication to do the work

  • Buy from each other

I cannot stress this point enough, family business prosper together when they buy from each. A family team business can be multi-generational. Individual family prosper, they community prospers. Nothing beats commerce amongst sibling; the seed of purchasing when sawn early grows into a big prosperous community doing great things together. Individuals are happy, businesses are happy, community is happy. This is clearly a win-win situation, everyone benefits when family buy from one another and support each other in the marketplace.


Every member in a family has a role to play, interdependence is the code of the team, those fortunate to still be part of these team should not allow the fire of brotherly kindness dim. Brotherly love is what will make the whole team shine bright. Divine prosperity lies in the bond of harmony of biological teams. Don’t let anything or anyone deprive you of these God ordained resource. Become your brother’s keeper and respect the children of your mother, honour parents and it shall be well with the team

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