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30 August 2023

Why you are not a hustler?

Many folks pride themselves as hustlers, rap music and the movies often times give the hustler’s a bad characterization. In my previous blog I wrote about the characteristics of a hustler.

In this write up I will attempt to demystify the false narrative that hustlers are crooks and go after get rich schemes. I will be looking at who is not a hustler, what is not hustling, so you will be safe in your business relationship.

  1. Hustling is not cheating.

The art and science of hustling is built on honesty. The true hustler still believes, honesty is the best policy. He protects his reputation jealously as a father will fight the enemies of his family. A true hustler will go to war to defend his name; he believes that what is not mine now, can be mine later only if I work towards it with sincerity and singleness of mind. He knows that cheating in order to obtain an advantage in the now is fleeting, and in the long run becomes cheating on him. The gains are temporary and by other means nature takes and dishes out justice, no matter how long it takes. It is better to align with the universe and harvest peace and wealth.

  • Hustling is not lying.

A true hustler understands the power of words, he knows a promised made is a promise fulfilled. He will not lie to gain temporary gains; he is a man or lady of his word. He will rather not promise, than to promise and fail. He is comfortable with saying no and knows that saying no is tough but still do it any way. To him integrity is more important than saving face. He knows that his stand may incur a backlash, but it’s better to be hated for being himself than to be praised for who he is not. He values authenticity.

  • Hustling is not bullying

To him the process of hustling doesn’t provide him the opportunity to bully or attempt to oppress and cow people to tow his position. He knows that leadership is about influencing others kindly and fairly. He doesn’t allow his richness get to his head. He prefers to live silently and enjoy his wealth stealthily. This gives him the humility to contribute to society and objectively know who truelly loyal is and who supportive friends are. He dislikes any form of harassment and puts his affection on heavenly things. To him his wealth doesn’t define him; he defines his wealth by his conduct.

  • Hustling is not a scam

Those who scam others of their hard earned money under the pretense of hustling will end up poor and broke and without support sooner than later, because when you scam others you are ultimately stealing from yourself. Religion cannot cover this truth, what is apparent is that those who scam will themselves fall prey to other scammers. Scamming is unlawful and unethical; he that loves life and want an enduring wealth should refrain from such.

  • No unfair competition

A hustler may have the infrastructure that is working or under economic attach, but he will restrain from unfair competition, he will not attempt to rip off micro merchants or investors, neither will  he hide under bureaucracy and paper work to frustrate his micro partners. He knows that all things are lawful but not all things are expedient. He pays his supplier as when agreed. He does not owe his workers; he will not cut corners to make trade.

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