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04 September 2023

Things to do when you are down and at the bottom part 1

Humans go through trials from time to time; the Chinese say the word crisis has a compound meaning. It means crisis in one breath but also opportunity in another context; it depends on how you take it. A trial can be a crisis or an opportunity; it all depends on how you view it, how you perceive it and how you respond to the situation.

Crisis is designed to bring out the better side of us, to bring to surface some of our hidden talents. Whatever doesn’t kill you, can only make you better. I will not be sharing my own insights with you, if I didn’t go through a bitter, harsh and long struggle in my own life.

Whatever life throws at you is a signal that you need to make some changes in your life. To let go of beliefs that does not serve you, so as to become better in your call to serve humanity.

In the true sense of it all you were born to win. How can you overcome if there is nothing to overcome, how you can win if there is no opponent to beat. The harder the circumstances, the harder the situation will fall before you. Faith is the master of all circumstances. The power in us is greater than whatever the world can throw at us. We were born winners, and when we are down we are not alone, like Daniel in the lion’s den and Jonah in the belly of the whale we cannot fail because we are not alone.

  1. Find someone to teach

Arise from your despair and find someone in need of strengthening and begin to teach, teach them whatever is pure, what is love and the good things that edify humanity. I bet you have more in you than you ever thought you had. There is uplifting for you when you uplift others. As you water them you yourself will be watered. Infinite intelligence is able to raise the ravens to feed you, like he fed the prophet Elijah. When you teach others on how to overcome, you receive grace to weather through your own crisis. Never wallow in pity when these happens, never hide your head in the sand at this time, go out and minister to the needy, you may think and feel you are they only one going through stuff, but I bet you there are many out there going through worst stuff. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all went out and shared some love.

  • Pray and meditate

You must protect your mental health in this time, you may be accused, refused, rejected, forsaken, know you are not alone and cannot fail, therefore connect to The higher power in prayers, make your petition like king David unto him, fight your enemies on your knees, meditate on the WORD of the scripture as often as you can (in the morning and at night is okay) this will keep you grounded. In times of crisis what you seriously need is perspective. Perspective will let you know that after trials comes promotions and that life is in season, that you may be cast down now but you are not forsaken. That whatever you are going through right now, will surely pass away. That one season will give way to another. Trust in infinite intelligence therein lays your patience. Trust the process and know that in the end it will turn out for your good.

  • Give generously

Share of your resources bountifully and yourself shall never be in want. As you share of your resources at this time, you will realize that you have all sufficiency to meet all your needs. At times like the basic human instinct is to hoard resources, but contra wise give as much as you can possibly can, I assure you, whatever you give you will find after many days. They will return as mercies and blessing and material abundance. The man that cheerful gives lacks nothing, for his heart is a perpetual feast.

  • Practice self-discipline

The wisdom in trying times is the patience it builds, temperance to wait for the season to pass is very critical. You cannot muster the courage to overcome without self-discipline. At this time you will have to cut out certain friends and habits that do not serve your current reality. You will require courage to walk away and the restraint to keep from reacting on others opinion and what they say. You need the self-discipline to stay on your new path without breaking down.

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