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11 September 2023

How money analogies can help you build a healthy, wealthy and wise financial mindset

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One fantastic way to help shape the way you see and handle money is by using money analogies of successful money managers and business people. These analogies help condition the mind to be receptive to the possibility of abundance. it provides us with a rare opportunity to have a brief glimpse into the minds of these multi millionaire/billionaires. In think and grow rich napoleon hill said whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.

I came to appreciate this analogies as a teenager in high school, my school master was fond of picking on me, but he had this simplistic way of getting across his message, one of which has lived with me ever since, he always reminded me that “Money is a Visitor” and when you attract it, you should use it wisely.

To this day this analogy has helped me realized that it is not how much you earn, but how much money you have working for you. Money may be as a visitor, when it visits take care of it, treat as you will treat a lover and it will stay and work for you to many generations.

Here are some of the most recent money analogies I have come to identify with, and imbibe in my understanding and approach to money.


This money analogy comes from Kelvin O’Leary Shark tank panelist, businessman and investor, he says “Money is my military, and each dollar a soldier. I never send my money into battle unprepared and undefended. I send it to conquer and take prisoners and bring back to me” This is one of my favorite way to look at my money as soldiers sent out as business asset through sound judgement and calculated risk to achieve its mission of capturing the market and generating income on a consistent basis. what a way to look at money, in this analogy money is compared to soldiers prepared to fight hard and bring in more prisoners(Cash flow).

he concludes by saying “here’s how I think of my money: soldiers, I send them to war every day. I want them to take prisoners and come back home so there’s more of them”


This analogy compares money to a game that must be played by players, like in a game of football there are always two sides of eleven players each with a reserve team and a coach. By the way the money game is fun, you must see your opponent as competition, inflation, interest rate, fraud etc. and must be willing, prepared and fiscally disciplined with knowledge and money to win, with the goal being to achieve financial freedom – its a long term mission.

the wealthy, play money as a game and the know that if you know the rules , there is no end to how much you can make.


There is a popular saying that money is a dutiful servant but a terrible master. money was created by man to serve him, to literally make the world go round, to go to places where he couldn’t himself physically reach. This analogy brings to earth the original purpose of money which is to serve man and help him achieve some his needs. Money as a servant serves us as a medium of exchange for all money transactions. it also serves us as a store of value – it represents our time, efforts and energy. when we are able to appropriate its true purpose then we are also able to:

  • Become more valuable, so we can attract money.
  • See it for its utility value.
  • It becomes a tool for capital allocation and not an object to be worshipped.
  • You appreciate it for the options it affords you.
  • You realize its useless, if it is not put to proper use


No one explains this concept better than Elon Musk who according to Bloomberg billionaire index as at june, 2023 was worth $199Billion. he beautifully compares money to information “In todays digital age, money exists primary as electronic records in banking systems. whether its physical cash or digital transaction’s , they fundamental concept behind money is the transfer and communication of information” We know that data is processed into information and and this information is now the new money, these information specifically should convey data as Elon Musk explains “money carries with it data about its value, ownership and the transaction it has been involved in. this information is crucial for conducting economic activities and maintaining the functioning of financial systems”

this analogy simplifies our understanding of money. When we critically analyze it, it becomes intelligence, and intelligence is wisdom. Any knowledge not applied or used or put to action suffers atrophy, so is money.

These money analogies simplifies our understanding about money and provides a framework on how we can also think about our money. From money as soldiers in our own army designed to go to combat and capture prisoners(dividends, interest, profit, royalties, commission etc.) on our behalf, to money as a new information to be mined and utilized for exponential growth through a financial system.

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