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26 September 2023

When you retire, you expire

When I say don’t retire, this is counter intuitive to popular work culture. From the cradle you have been programmed to think and believe to work until you retire someday and enjoy your golden years.

The problem with kind of thinking is that it steals your core essence as a human being. It takes from you the joy of adventure and creativity, sipping out the juice of human experience, which can be spontaneous, curious and enduring.

You were designed to contribute at the highest level of your expression. Like a child your genius lies in your creative imagination.

This genius is expressed in doing the things you love and are passionate about.

I am yet to witness a child say, I retire from my imagination, and it is a part of growing and living. There is something in us to desire, stretch and grow.

When you retire at 65 by statutory regulation you stop growing but the fact is you are not designed to stop reaching towards your highest expression.

Below are reasons why you should never retire.

  1. Retirement is a myth

Retirement is a creation of men of industry may be an industrial age policy, which was implemented over the years and has succeeded in killing the aspiration of many good men and sometimes early death.

I wonder whoever told you, your work is your only identity and that your life is constituted by the things you have from your employment.

There is more in you that you give yourself credit, your job is but a small portion of the unlimited potential abiding within you.

While you are busy selling your time for money, never settle and continue to stir your child like curiosity, never settle for where you are, yearn for, and be hungry for the full expression of your gifts and talents.

Never retire, take a break at times, change careers and be bold to live life at your terms and without regrets.

  • If you retire, you will surely stink

Retirement is very bad for your wellbeing; the thought of retirement is even scary because it is not the natural order of existence.

You are created to continue contributing. Whatever doesn’t contribute eventually dies. Atrophy of the mind and purpose can lead to in activity and decay.

If you retire, you will expire.

Never retire, only transition from one job, one career, one industry to another more meaningful and edifying.

Let your attitude be that of service. Serve forever.

Be a servant to the many and society will reward you with blessings beyond your imagination.

  • How do you spend your time

The hardest thing to do is to do nothing. I had good men around me who passed on early simply due to having so much time and doing nothing.

Many developed all kinds of ailment and eventually died.

The mind was not designed to be idle. Just like a farm land not cultivated tend to weed.

An idle hand becomes the devils workshop. A life of quiet desperation only leads to regrets and depression.

Don’t let this be you.


Instead of retirement, take breaks from your career and do something new and exciting. View exit from employment as opportunity to do something more exciting and meaningful.

While you are at that employment, nurture your dreams and begin building that next career move. Don’t completely settle in a job, except of course it’s your business.

Work until, you cannot physically do so, whatever you do, never retire. Your miracle for longevity lies in your work. Continue to carryout meaningful work you love.

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