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A young ibo land learning as an apprentice
15 September 2023

The best business schools for financial education and entrepreneurship

Ever wondered which is the best business school to attend for quality business knowledge.

Then think no further, below I will attempt to show the best business education available on the African continent.

This method of education can be remodeled to suit any environment.

The benefits are tangible and verifiable.

Let’s dive into some.

  1.  Apprenticeship

The best example of apprenticeship learning is the one adopted by the Igbo’s of Nigeria, in West Africa.

In this type of schooling the apprentice is required within a specified period of time to serve the master in exchange for business knowledge and seed capital.

This startup fund which is usually available to the apprentice at the end of his apprenticeship is held by the master and can only be drawn at the end of the apprenticeship.

In most cases a specific written agreement is prepared and terms of engagement clearly spelt out.

During the apprentices training, the student will be exposed to the nitty gritty of the business like, stock inventory, sales, expenses, product pricing, basic book keeping, customer relations etc. together with the peculiarities of the business and the rules of trade.

During this period the apprentice is exposed to all the segment of the trade in so far he is willing to learn and be obedient.

This form of schooling provides the soon to be business owner first-hand knowledge of how the business works and how profits are made.

2. Traditional Business schools

Many executives attend traditional business school where complex business and finance theories are dissected.

This helps the participant’s simulate real life business scenario in order to find solutions to real life business problems.

This path to learning is great for top level executives who have the resources to access ivy business schools.

The overriding benefit of this path of learning is that many of these business schools have strong alumni association.

These alumni groups provide opportunity for networking, partnership and business collaboration.

3. Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs whether formal or informal provides a gateway to transfer specific and ready to use business secrets to the mentee.

The mentor is usually someone who has gone through what the mentee is seeking to accomplish.

Insight provided by the mentor most time is remarkably game changing.

This kind of learning reduces the mentee time to deliver as insight from the mentor provides shorter and valuable means of achieving results.

The mentor doesn’t need to be physically present. Great insights can be gained from their books, podcast and YouTube channels.

It’s amazing how many lives can be changed through these channels.

Follow mentors on all their social media handles and you may be opportune to attend some of their mentoring events.

One good idea from a mentor can change your business fortune for life.

4. Courses and Training.

Many courses on various topics are available for anyone who wants to improve his or her life.

Some courses are free, some you have to pay to participate.

However no matter, the amount required to attend a course relevant to your situation, the benefit that will be derived will outstrip the amount of money invested in the course.

The best investment you can make is investment in your own personal development.

Investment in self pays the highest dividends. The return on your time is fantastic.

5. Self-study.

Self-study is another method of learning that can be very enriching.

You invest yourself on the internet, visit libraries and read books for free in the area of your interest.

Over time you will become an expert in the field of your interest.

The only investment in acquiring this kind of knowledge through this method is your time and curiosity.

Through self-study you can teach yourself anything from how to build a house to even how to build rockets.

The potential to this method is unlimited and the return on your time is incredible.

This method requires a healthy dose of motivation and interest including good time management.

6. Family business school.

Those born into business families or those who gain relationship access with these families more often than not gain business and financial knowledge.

This kind of knowledge is transferred by assimilation to the students.

The student most times is not aware that by having access and through observation he or she gaining actionable knowledge.

Most heirs are intentionally sent to work in the business so as to gain knowledge in the various units of the enterprise.

This approach allows the heir or student, know a little about a lot of the business process and how the interact with one another.

The student is fortunate to attend meetings and listen to business deals and meet many professional business advisers and learn their language.

This method of learning is tested and workable. Do you have a wealthy uncle or relative; ask him to allow you work in his business for free.

The knowledge you will acquire will serve you handsomely down the road.

Bottom Line

What you don’t know is killing you, why die in ignorance when learning any skill has become easy, thanks to the internet.

You may decide not to attend university, but if you do attend, always remember learning is continuous and they methods of education highlighted here will assist you become wiser.

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