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04 October 2023

Why you are not yet saving and investing in your future

Ever wondered why you are not saving money and investing in your beautiful future.

The reasons are diverse and different for different people; the only common link amongst everyone is that it is a mind battle and an action deficit.

Now let’s see some of the excuses many make for not saving and investing.

  • Not setting financial goals

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Financial goals set by you are the motivating points to keep you on track.

To succeed in savings and investing it’s important to set financials goals and work it by writing them down on a piece of paper and internalizing them daily through sight and speech.

Your goals will become your road map to their accomplishment in the present and the future.

Now is time to flourish.

  • Not tracking your expenses

Money is energy and when it is not allocated wisely by you, it becomes restless, develop wings and fly away to your fellow neighbor that knows how to handle it.

One of the best habits you can develop about your money is to track every penny you spend and on what items you spend them on, daily.

The data gathered can be reviewed often, this act of reviewing expenses will bring you control over your money. This power avails you the opportunity to cut back on wasteful expenditure.

The difference observed can be saved and invested by you, this will allow your money to circulate and the energy will attract to it more money.

Money will continue to flow to you, as long as you cherish it and put it to work harder than you.

  • You cannot delay gratification

Whatever you see triggers within you an emotion to acquire it, that’s why you buy things on impulse – many of which you do not need.

The way to delay gratification is to delay any purchase impulse for at least three days for small item purchase and a week for large purchases.

The pause gives you permission to query your motive and also reconcile your desire with your financial goal.

Where they are not in harmony with your financial goal, you forgo the purchase and focus your resources to investing in assets that will generate you income.

  • You lack the discipline to commit to your financial plan.

Without faith in the plan, you will not commit to its actualization no matter how well-crafted your goals are.

Combat poor self-discipline by starting small in your savings journey.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Start small and you begin to become who you want to be.

Whenever you save money, you become the person that saves money. Whenever you invest your saving wisely, you are becoming an investor.

The things we work on, also work on us, we become doers.

Become an investor today. It is gift.


Don’t let inaction steal your prosperity. It is possible to attain financial independence.

Financial freedom is the combination of savings and investing your money consistently over a period of time, regardless of the size of your income.

There is no reason not to attempt to achieve financial peace, it is within you and its your responsibility and no one else.

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