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01 February 2024

14 Rules of stealth wealth

Stealth wealth is silent wealth where financial privacy is maintained at all times in every aspect of your financial lifestyle and management of resources. They outcome is usually manifested in financial stability and peace of mind.

  1. It starts as a mindset. Focus on building the mental resilience required to build stealth wealth.
  • Keep a low profile always and avoid unnecessary attention by reframing from flashy display of wealth.
  • Maintain and enforce your privacy by limiting access to your financial information.
  • Keep personal and business dealings separate. They are separate matters and should remain so.
  • Be mindful of what you share on social media; avoid post that showcase conspicuous consumption, luxurious living and excessive wealth, except you are show business or living a fake life.
  • Live within your means, spending less than you earn and consistently reinvesting the difference. This will help you keep a low profile and prevent suspicion.
  • To preserve your wealth, practice assets diversification. The diversification should be done discreetly and prudently.
  • Be prudent with your words in any conversation, so as not to give out valuable information.
  • Prioritize privacy, when choosing a financial advisor.
  1. Engage in discreet philanthropy
  1. Focus on personal values and relationship over material possession. Your life does not constitute in the abundance of things you have (own).
  1. Stay humble and grounded. Riches can develop wings and fly away.
  1. Educate your children about financial privacy, financial accountability and fiscal responsibility.
  1. Building wealth is a team sport; only consult financial professionals who are well versed in stealth wealth management to help you navigate these matters efficiently.

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