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02 August 2023


In life things happen and one the things that can happen to anyone is to loose ones employment either by termination or by dismissal or any other means unexpected and unprepared for. Life happens and these events could be very painful and unsettling. Losing an employment under any guise is not palatable at all, however with the right mindset and attitude it could become the best thing that may have happened to you in a long time.

You may be hurting but remember when one good door is closed; many other great doors are open and waiting for you to step in. A strong mental attitude requires that you see any obstacle or setback as an opportunity to step up big time. Losing an employment is an event and in the true sense, your job doesn’t define who you are.

Today I will be looking at 5 things you must not do, things to avoid when you are out of any employment:

  1. You must neither despair nor be depressed

Yes you invested your time, sweat and tears into the job, you hoped on building a career with that organization. You had plans of retiring from that employment with the pecks and benefits. You allowed yourself to be defined by your job. Your employment became your identity. So what about all this, in the big scheme of things all this concern though legitimate don’t matter, what truelly matters is yourself – your mental health, your values, your skills and your belief in infinite intelligence. The fact is you are not your job and you are more valuable than you allow your employment to define you.

  • You must not blame anyone or accuse anyone

Blaming everybody for your misfortune and not taking full responsibility will only prolong your bitterness. This is a time to have clarity and realize that although you may not deserve what has happened to you, life happens. Take the blows in stride, raise your head up and reach out for a better, more fulfilling opportunity waiting for you to embrace. A new future beckons, a new reality waits.

  • You must not lose your strength to fight

To be in a fight is to hate injustice, you may be surprised why I am saying do not loose strength to fight even as you feel all bit up and drained, or that you have too much respect for your employer that you feel what led to your loss of employment must slide. I am here to shock you; this is a period where you must seek both spiritual and legal counsel. Always remember that the best decisions are they ones you make yourself therefore as much as you seek counsel let the decision to fight in court or mediation be your own. You may never know all, after the struggle, you may come out relieved knowing that your reputation was not damaged and some kind of relief is attained.

  • You must not lose yourself – your self-worth.

Losing a job is not the end of life, let your dressing and grooming be upbeat and neat always, become a man of few words, when you speak let it be vibrant and full of colour and positive. This is not a time to engage in self-pity, speak gently to yourself, and indulge in things that please you. You are the architect of your life, including the misfortune, so pivot out of it and be kind to yourself along the way. Keep your self-esteem high. Guard your reputation jealously.

  • Stop running helter skelter

Do not put your trust in religious men or big men politicians or unscrupulous lawyers, the solution you seek lays within you. The can pray – it is their right to do so, they can promise political intervention – it is good, whatever any one says to you is their opinion.  In times like this you are at your most vulnerable state, many a shark are out there, seeking victims in distress, do not bleed fear nor  be confused, neither should you be inclined to be hasty in making decision, stay calm, guide your mind and purse vigilantly. Believe God. In the end what matter is you and your relationship with infinite intelligence. God will lead you right and His glory He will share with no one.

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