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01 September 2023

What Fear does to us and how to overcome Fear.

Fear has a way of taking away your courage. Where fear abounds, torment persist- it persist because we allow it linger in our minds. When fear lingers many bad outcomes may surface, fear is the archenemy of faith. Humans cannot manifest without faith. How fear has ruined the lives of many, everyone experiences fear one time or another but those that overcome fear are they that get the best possible results. What are the common fears around?

  1. Fear of Failure.
  2. Fear of the Unknown.
  3. Fear of Death
  4. Fear of launching out
  5. Fear of what people will say
  6. Fear of Missing out
  7. Fear of Making mistakes
  8. Fear of competition

Fear has held many folks down. Nothing ventured, nothing achieved. To overcome your fear is to venture regardless of the fear. You should prepare and do those venture anyway, if you fail, you will learn and do it better next time, if you succeed you conquer that fear. These are some strategies that you can apply to solve fear problems

  1. prepare

Preparation is your key in overcoming fear, what is paramount during preparation is for you to take in relevant information that will strengthen your mind and assist you develop resilience. I personally go to the bible for my meditation; it helps me with perspective, context and application. The understanding and wisdom forms the foundation towards t any recovery.

  • Be calm.

No matter how bad it seems to appear, stay calm and be silent. Silence in calmness is a super power. Stay calm but observant, seek answers within you and they will come as intuition, an instruction or a voice nudging you towards the solution. Every problem has a solution.  It’s at this stage that you are strengthened and nourished by infinite intelligence to succeed,

  • Stay focused.

Go through the process; do not allow distraction take your mind of the solution you require to overcome the fear. Whatever the fear is, it will give way to stern resolve. Be patient, know that faith works patience.

  • Take brave Action.

Take massive action, take consistent action, now you can dominate or overcome your fear with knowledge and understanding. When action is taken, the fear thins out and flees. You are now going against all the fear obstacles and by action you can say ‘fortune favours the brave.

  • Reflection

It’s important to reflect and review your actions so as to cement the process, learn and continue learning, during reflection you appreciate and give gratitude, be thankful. You can journal your journey; you can speak about it to others, it all depends on you.

  • Repeat

Now you are an overcomer, but don’t forget fear is still around, therefore keep the process in mind and repeat every time fear rears its ugly head.


Is fear your enemy, if it is then why do you entertain it, why has it become an in living a fulfilling life. Let’s not pamper it, once we notice it, let us drive it away by substituting fear with boldness. Whenever you see it crippling speak boldly and take action forward and the fear will lose its wicked grip on you.  

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