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06 September 2023

7 reasons why most Africans remain poor

Many Africans remain poor for reasons peculiar to our society. It is a more a matter of mind set than any other factor, the way we think affects us.

As a nation of people our individual thinking becomes our group think.

We profess so much and yet lack the ability to execute, we rely more on superstitions than scientific proofs.

Knowledge relied upon mostly is assumption, which is the lowest form of knowledge. Archaic and obsolete beliefs still persist.

Now let’s delve into some of the reasons that plague Africans in general.

  1. Every aspect of existence is summarized in Money terms.

Because Africans have elevated money to a god that solves all things, they have lost the true meaning of this man created tool, money is a slave.

Money is a tool to be used for economic deliverance.

It should remain where it is most functional and as a tool of utility for exchange of goods and services.

It shouldn’t be elevated to control others areas of human endeavor that requires creativity. Why are we putting off our happiness because of money, why are we more concerned about what we will eat than having abundance?

No wonder those who come into wealth use it as a tool to oppress their fellow man.

Our understanding and relationship with money is poor and can be cured by financial education.

Elon Musk world richest man, didn’t have to engage in money rituals to become wealthy, he did it by belief in his ability to harness the universe unlimited resources.

This resources and means are available to you and many others, let’s use them the way they are meant to be used and for the right reasons.

  • Believing, trusting and waiting on government to do everything for you.

The truth is no one is coming to save you, but yourself. Government all over the world come into power to foster their agenda and you may not be on that agenda.

Many governments are struggling to remain buoyant due to mismanagement of previous regimes.

Many politicians, who assume office, are more concerned about themselves and their immediate families.

Relying on the establishment to come to your help is waiting forever.

They have deceived us enough, let’s work on our businesses and generate income for ourselves. The best government is a partnership between government and self-government.

  • TV, Newspapers and Social Media

Those who take TV and newspaper news hook line and sinker will suffer and live very poor lives especially in their old age.

Those who reject the narrative and bad news of TV and Newspapers will live a more healthy life.

Those who view all media post as potentially fake news and the opinions of others attempting to influence them will be better citizens.

These mediums were not created to serve you per se, but are huge commercial machines, designed to make money. The may call lies with beautiful names like changing the narrative, fake news etc.

You are better off, not taking their information too serious, see it as entertainment and spend more time in your own business except these mediums are your business.

  • Pretending to be rich, living in self-denial

Living in self-denial is one trend I see amongst many folks who are pretending to be rich, while most are poor and cannot even live successfully from hand to mouth.

If lack of money is your problem, you are better identifying the challenge and finding solutions to the lack of funds than pretending to be rich.

It’s the sick that need the physician, how can the physician cure you when you are living in self-denial and saying to yourself you are not sick.

Come on folks, the solution to a lean purse is financial literacy.

  • Blinded by religion

It’s on record that countries where religion has deep roots, they majority of people in those countries are very poor except the USA and most of the Arab nations.

What Africans need is economic deliverance and not religious indoctrination.

Economic deliverance is built on hard work and by people who realize that to unlock their miracles they must work.

No miracle will meet a lazy man while sleeping. Miracles always manifest themselves in the place of work.

Be like the ant my brother. Be diligent.

  • Consumerism

Consumerism is the love for foreign goods at the detriment of our own home grown products.

Our school system has turned us into consumers. We work to earn and to consume.

Consumerism is killing our financial health. Consumerism is linked to very poor money hygiene.

Let’s embrace commonsense frugal living, purchasing only items that we need and avoid impulse buying.

The surplus should be invested into asset classes that can grow over time. Lasting wealth is slow and steady.

  • Jealousy, hatred and envy

Africans have remained poor because of jealousy and envy. Most Africans lack financial literacy and as such have a big dose of entitlement.

They hate and resent wealth and because of these the do not have.

These folks live in jealousy and envy wasting their energies on devices to bring their fellow rich country man down, like a pull him Down syndrome.

Jealousy, envy and hatred have stopped the flow of riches to the people that hate, thereby making the community remaining poor.

Bottom line

We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. No one is coming to save you. Economic progress begins one person at a time. Let’s create the environment for our people to strive, let’s rethink our ways and do better. It is possible

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