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18 September 2023

5 Things to do to overcome any problem.

When you are down and at the end of your wits, always tell yourself there is a solution to your challenges.

At times like this. It looks like you are alone but it’s not true, mostly is your mind playing tricks on you.

The universe never forsakes you because of your challenges; rather there is more with you than you think.

When you are down, think on this thing’s and take massive action on the items mentioned below:

  • Forgive

Practice forgiveness; forgive all those who have hurt you, forgive yourself and let go of any resentment.

During this evil days withstand the schemes of the enemy by forgiving everyone. Hold no grudge.

The faith you require to overcome your challenge is based on forgiveness. Without faith you cannot surmount the ability to overcome the situation.

  • Trust the process

You are already in the situation, stop digging the hole, relax and trust the process you are going through, no matter how difficult and tough the situation may seem.

The process is more important than whatever you can do in the moment, listen and accept the challenge.

Trust that the process is for your good and in the end it will make you a better person.

Many golden wisdom of life is revealed to you during this process. You will learn more about yourself during this time than all the years and money you will spend in a formal school.

The process of trials is the true school of life.

  • Stay humble

Stay humble and open minded to insight from everyone and everywhere.

Be yourself as you remain humble; be humble and hand over your trial into the hands of Infinite Intelligence.

Trust that Infinite Intelligence knows all things and he is aware of what you are passing through and he feels your pains.

Be humble to accept correction and be ready to serve.

Stay humble, humility is the path to recovery and humility will always come before honor.

Be honorable.

  • Take walks in nature

Taking walks in nature helps you connect with nature. During this walks you will notice serenity in your mind.

Use this regular walk to reconcile your traumas and challenges. Reprogram your thoughts and do away with old thoughts that don’t serve you anymore.

Reprogram your mind to accept new thought and insight about life.

During this daily walk you have the resources to solve most of your problems. It is during this time that you untangle your life from the challenge you face.

Watch your self-talk during this walks, when you notice any negativity, change the thought to what you want to witness in your reality.

  • Use speech to create the future

The power of life and death is in our mouth, use words to create your world and what you want to see in your experience.

Use positive words like bricks and mortar to build the house you want to live in.

Your power in this time, resides in your words. Do not use idle words.

Whatever beautiful, whatever useful speak them and believe. It will be done unto you as you believe.

Use words in prayer and in affirmation to prophesize they outcome you desire to have and experience.

You will notice that when you discover the power of words especially scriptural word, you will become silent and speak less.

When you speak, whatever you say comes to manifestation.

By faith in Infinite Intelligence, speak to your challenge and take action.

Victory is yours.

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